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Wynnertech. European quality and Asian costs

Wynnertech. European quality and Asian costs

European quality and Asian costs. This is how José Manuel Tena, Technical Vice President of Wynnertech, defines the product model that the Spanish company has been designing for the last five years. Inverters up to 2.9 MW of power, quick charging points for electric cars or storage systems for renewable installations.

Ten Spanish engineers are responsible for three product lines that will attract great attention in the Spanish market in the coming months. At the moment 59 of their photovoltaic inverters ALBA 4X (1.9 MW) were installed in China in July, and another 8 inverters of 2.5 MW were connected last July 26 in which is, at this point in time, Iran´s largest photovoltaic plant with 20 MW.

Wynnertech. European quality and Asian costs

When we asked José Manuel Tena about the main advantages of his products, he explained that they offer a great value for money for several reasons. The main reason is that not only is the design 100% Spanish, but also the supervision of the manufacturing activities and equipment testing are carried out directly in the factory by a subsidiary of Wynnertech. In addition, although Wynnertech does not install its equipment, it offers “in situ” training and technical advice so that the product is perfectly installed.

Wynnertech is currently developing a new inverter model specific for the 1,500-volt solar panels, with up to 3 MW of peak power.


According to Tena, storage systems will be the next step in the regulations governing renewable facilities. In this way, wind farms or solar farms will be able to match their power curve with the system operator requirements at specific times, and thus contribute to the electrical system balance.

That is why Wynnertech is developing lithium-ion battery-based storage systems of up to 200 MWh. The batteries used come from different suppliers of the Dynavolt group, of which Wynnertech is part.

The Dynavolt group

Just over a year ago, Wynnertech reached a collaborative agreement with Dynavolt, the Chinese battery giant that includes 72 companies in its shareholding. This has allowed the company to more easily access the Asian market, both commercially and technologically and has given it greater financial capacity, Tena points out.

Fast charging points

The third project being developed by Wynnertech is the design of a charging point for electric cars from 50 kW to 125 A, configured for CHAdeMO, Combo and AC. The design of the mechanics, the electronics and the software is entirely made in Spain, and the manufacture is being carried-out in China, like the rest of products. Its arrival in the European market is expected before the end of the year and it promises to be an excellent competitor.