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Solar thermal energy at El Palace Hotel Barcelona

Solar thermal energy at El Palace Hotel Barcelona

The reform of the boiler room and the installation of a new solar thermal energy system in the old five-star Ritz Hotel of great prestige in Catalonia has achieved reductions of almost 50% in energy expenditure, 63% of NOx emissions and 23% of CO2 emissions, compared to the old plant.

The renovation process in its boiler room has enabled to save space and energy, modernize the air conditioning solutions and, in addition, install a new solar thermal system, by Buderus, an expert in efficient and innovative systems.

To do this, the brand by Bosch Group has replaced an installation that, in addition to occupying too much surface, did not allow exceeding 85% of combustion yields, for a new heat generator of small dimensions and low weight, the Logano Plus GB402D. This system, equipped with 2 condensing boilers on natural gas, allows the exclusive establishment to achieve a performance of up to 110% and free up space on deck for hotel use.

Likewise, in line with the hotel premises, the 3 storage tanks of 7,000 liters already existing and in perfect condition have been used, adapting and allocating one of them for heating using the energy from the solar collectors.

Solar thermal energy

In addition, two heat exchangers have been installed in parallel for the heat exchange, thus allowing the installation to work, even if one of them is damaged or under maintenance activities.

On the other hand with the aim of covering part of the demand for hot domestic water and heating the outdoor pool, a solar thermal system has been implemented. This efficient solution includes 72 units of Buderus Logasol SKR10-CPC vacuum tube solar collectors, covering a total solar gain area of 77.04 m².

The sensors are connected together in parallel forming a total of nine interconnected batteries, in turn, by inverted return, giving rise to a hydraulically balanced circuit. In addition, each battery of collectors has a dissipation system that works mechanically and prevents overheating caused by high solar radiation.

This project has been developed by AJ INGENIERIA S.L.P, Professional Society with more than 30 years of experience and specialization in the commercial, industrial, hospital, private and public residential areas. The execution has been carried out by SOGESA Instalaciones Integrales S.A.U.