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Solar harvesters offer 75% solar performance

Solar harvesters offer 75% solar performance

Solar mechanical harvesters are a significant paradigm shift in the use of solar energy and its evolution, from trying to capture the sun to harvesting it.

According to one of its manufacturers, , Sun.Expert they deliver a solar yield of 75% (very close to the theoretical limit), which represents almost 4 times more performance per installed m2 than the most developed vacuum tube thermal collectors system ( heat pipes) that may exist, all much more simply and at a competitive price. “

Its applications are intended for both the DHW (Domestic Home Water) in the domestic sector: it has recently been installed in a house in Barcelona that has achieved the energy rating “A” – as in agricultural and industrial environments as support to prevent the use of technologies that are fed with fossil fuels as in the electricity sector, water, or recovery of waste.

Avoiding the use of fossil fuels

The company adds that due to their vertical installation solar mechanical harvesters offer maximum space and solar radiation use in both winter and summer. Moreover, being mechanical solar reflection sun trackers, maintenance is zero and their life is unlimited, resembling to a property asset, they say in a statement.

In Germany they have already executed 150 installations of the first version and the second version, that doubles the power of the first, and it is already being marketed in Italy and Spain. According Sun.expert, “by harvesting the maximum solar radiation (75%) there is no physical possibility to overcome its power” to what other capabilities are added. For example, because they are able to achieve in just 35 seconds 100ºC they are extremely effective when there are intervals of sun and cloud.

In addition, it is the only solar system that reaches 400 ° C, as explained to EnergyNews by David Calzada Pous, CEO of the Spanish company. This is especially important in tasks of desalination, distillation, treatment of solar water, AC production at the same time of liquid air, backup groups for boilers based on thermal oil recirculation for exchanging sun oil with industrial oil, support boiler with misters sun oil / steam, hot solar air transport 400m3 / hour 300 ° C without a fan or groups to support solar cooling compressors.