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Social projects wanted to fight against energy poverty in Europe

Social projects wanted to fight against energy poverty in Europe

Ashoka and the Schneider Electric Foundation have launched, in collaboration with the Enel group in Europe and Endesa in Spain and Portugal, the 2017-2018 program “Social Innovation to Cope with Energy Poverty”. The initiative seeks to promote those social innovation projects that address the most urgent challenges of energy poverty in Europe.

To this end, a call for projects has been launched to identify 15 to 20 innovative social initiatives that are offering creative solutions to the energy poverty challenge. The call will remain open until 1 October. These projects will be announced during the 23rd session of COP 23, the United Nations Convention on Climate Change, to be held this November in Bonn, Germany.

The winners will receive twelve weeks of personalized and specialized support, equivalent to a total of 300 hours of mentoring, with the aim of developing an effective strategy for scaling their initiatives. A final two-day European summit will give them the opportunity to present their scalability strategy, Schneider said in a statement.

The categories for the projects are:

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: Technologies that drive changes towards energy sources that are more efficient and / or sustainable for the environment. Skills and Employment Development: Initiatives that drive the learning of new skills and the creation of jobs related to the most efficient and renewable energy. It includes the impetus of education and the community´s commitment to the sector. Support for innovative financing: Resources and support are offered to private initiatives aimed at building or renovating energy-efficient houses or equipment (eg loans, leasing for equipment, third parties financing). Inter-sectoral collaboration: Generating synergies between different sectors (eg health, social care). Mapping and sensitization: Collecting and sharing data with interrelated systems to improve the identification of the population impacted by energy poverty and their needs and generate sensitivity among public authorities.

Energy Poverty in Europe

To stand as a candidate, the following criteria must be met:

– Be responsible for a project or organization that aims at social commitment to solve energy poverty and / or access to energy. – It should be possible to demonstrate that the project has a minimum course of one year. – The organization must be working to solve the challenge at the Spanish level. – The call at European level will also accept projects working mainly in one of the following countries: Germany, Greece, Italy or Portugal. – The candidate must be proficient in English, as the tutoring may be in English or in the language of the country through which he / she has submitted the project. – The candidate must be available to travel to Bonn (Germany) between 13-17 November 2017 and Rome (Italy) in April 2018.

In 2016 this same partnership sought to identify and boost social impact projects that would solve energy poverty in France, Belgium, Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland and the United Kingdom. Among the winners of the first edition were:

– Energie Solidaire by Julien Noé and Kevin Chaplais (France) – Natural Yes by Cezary Czemplik (Poland) – La Città Verde by Giorgio Rosso (Italy)

All the information about the program and application process is available at http://www.tacklefuelpoverty.com and for further information you can contact spain@tackefuelpoverty.com.