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Corporative purchase of renewable energy is a trend, IRENA says


The International Renewable Energy Agency has launched a survey for companies on corporative purchase of renewable energy or “corporate renewable sourcing” yesterday in Beijing during the Eighth Ministerial Conference on Clean Energy. With the results IRENA will feed the next REmade Index, the first global benchmark index for voluntary renewable energy acquisitions for all end […]

The Energy budget amounts to 4.247 million euro


The Minister of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda, Álvaro Nadal, yesterday advocated for his department´s budgets. For 2017 the Ministry has 5,264 million euro, which is practically the same amount of the adjusted budget of 2016 while the Energy budget amounts to 4,247 million euro.

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The increase in auctions suggests a greater interest in the PPAs


Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) or bilateral contracts for the purchase-sale of electricity are very new contracts still in Spain, but which generate great interest especially among investors in renewable energies. These contracts have their conditions set out by the parties in the long term with a fixed or variable price, and do not involve any […]

The number of geothermal installations in Galicia is multiplying


The number of geothermal installations in Galicia has multiplied, reaching 1,061 geothermal air conditioning systems with heat pump by the end of 2016, which means a use of this technology of 0.39 units per one thousand inhabitants. This figure is far from the introduction levels in other EU countries, but surpasses the rest of Spanish […]

Intersolar Europe awards a virtual power plant that improves grid stability


Intersolar Europe closes its doors with an estimated attendance in excess of 40,000 visitors that were able to visit a total of 1,100 exhibitors, in a very special edition of this solar industry global leading fair and that this year celebrates its tenth anniversary. For the first time ever, the Intersolar Awards jury has selected […]

The energy expenditure of Spanish hotels exceeds 1,230 million euro per year


The energy expenditure of Spanish hotels exceeds 1,230 million euro per year, according to data from the Hotel Technology Institute (ITH), which states that the sector´s annual consumption is estimated at about 10,000 GWh.

New solar thermal system with an investment cost around 3 million euro tested


After researching on a prototype, the HELIOtube solar thermal system has been installed in a mushroom production plant to test its operation in an industrial environment during a year. Following this period marketing, which has already generated some conversations, will be assessed, as Vita Aurea has explained to us. Heliovis AG, an Austrian company, in […]

The renewable energy coverage ratio was 68.12% in March


The renewable energy coverage ratio was 68.12% in March according to the CNMC´s reports on the 3rd provisional settlement of 2017 of the electricity, renewable energy, cogeneration and waste and the natural gas sectors.

Transporting the captured CO2 to reduce emissions


The European Union has opened a public consultation on projects designed to transport the CO2 captured during the generation of electricity or industrial processes to places prepared for storage rather than being released into the atmosphere or reused at a later stage. The consultation will last for 12 weeks and will close on August 7.

UNEF calls for changes concerning the new renewables auction announced yesterday by Rajoy


UNEF welcomes the Government’s intent to hold a new renewables auction before summer but believes that it is imperative to reform the auction’s design so that wind and photovoltaic technologies be able to exert their competitiveness in an equitable system and without artificial barriers.