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Measures in the gas industry to create wealth and employment


"Maximize the use of gas infrastructure, to establish a level playing field among all the energies operating in the market and make decisions that enhance the competitiveness of Spanish industry" are the objectives that should be achieved, according to Antoni Peris, president of the Spanish Gas Association, Sedigas, in order that gas remains a job creation and wealth

Tendering process for Rules dam use opens


The Ministry of Environment has launched the tender to award the hydroelectric use of the Rules Reservoir’s dam on the Guadalfeo river, located in the municipality of Vélez de Benaudalla (Granada). The initiative, which is up for public tender, will allow energy exploitation of this reservoir

Gesternova & Ghesa

Ignia Light

New Austrian solar thermal collector tries to open market in Spain.


It is well known that the thermal sector has not yet taken off in Spain. In its early stage, products lacked of quality but above all, the installers were not sufficiently trained, so that the malfunctioning of these "water heaters" was put into question for many years. Not even the new regulation that required all new buildings

Unions, mergers and other reasons for a stable regulatory framework

Unity is strength, is what now seem to say renewable energy associations, which for years have worked independently. The producers on the one hand, the installers on the other, manufacturers, distributors, ...

Gesan to increase production at its new plant in Muel


Gesan, now part of the Atlas Copco international group, has decided to turn the Gesan electricity generating groups factory located in the town of Muel, and acquired in July 2011, into its new center of excellence for generators, allowing to create 54 new jobs at its Spanish subsidiary.

The ”jackpot” of biodiesel could reach Leon in the coming months.


The decision of the president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez Kirchner, to expropriate 51% of YPF to the Spanish company Repsol and the reply of the Government of Spain to restrict imports of biodiesel from Argentina can leave significant benefits in Leon, where the veto to biodiesel may involve the recovery of projects that exceed one hundred million. Despite its strong breakout and the expectations it rose, the biodiesel industry has not taken off

The BOE No 96 of 21.4.2012 sheds some light over the Spanish biodiesel industry


Regulation of the allocation of biodiesel production quantities for the calculation of the amount compliant with mandatory targets for biofuels.

Support for cogeneration


Last March 28 a non-legislative proposal on the promotion of industrial competitiveness and cogeneration was approved unanimously by the Parliament. But the concern is now that this proposition becomes a law, and cogeneration can continue its way to meeting the objectives set. From associations and stakeholders in the sector, this fact is taken with optimism, although alert and expectation remains.