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Controversy. Distributed generation, auto-consumption and net balance at GENERA


Yesterday one of the most anticipated discussions by industry professionals took place in Room 103 of IFEMA, where speakers defended their positions on the regulation of auto-consumption. A regulation that should have been ready and approved on April 9th, but has been left parked for now by the ongoing reform of the electricity industry.

Renewable projects in South Africa


Acciona has announced its entry into the African country hand in hand with Aveng, the largest group of infrastructure in Africa, by achieving the award of 209 MW for 2 projects: one windfarm and one photovoltaic plant. The facilities awarded are constituded by a 135.2 net MW wind farm (138 nominal MW) and a photovoltaic plant of 74 MW (94 MWp) that will be accomplished between 2013 and 2014

Gesternova & Ghesa

Ignia Light

First solar-biomass district heating in a Spanish campsite


Modern bungalow-campsites are hotel infrastructures with high energy requirements to service air conditioning and hot domestic water to a range of facilities: toilets and changing rooms, bar and restaurant, bungalows, playgrounds, spas and heated swimming pools, and even convention centers. A campsite in Madrid has managed to combine savings, comfort and environmental and social commitment through a hybrid biomass-solar district heating, the first of its kind in Spain.

Girod Geotermia awarded for best geothermal installation in the residential sector in 2011 in the Madrid community

The company Girod Geotermia, has received the 1st prize for Installations in the Residential Sector of the Community of Madrid during the last Congress GeoEner 2012, for its work in a building in Moralzarzal, a location of Madrid, consisting of eight houses, with a total useful floor area of 505 m2  to be air conditioned. The construction company, SALPE 99 SL, wanted to offer an alternative to the classical individual air conditioning systems in

Energy efficiency in the elderly people residential sector


CIRCE Foundation participates in a European project to improve energy efficiency in 24,000 homes for elderly people across Europern In Spain ten homes, out of which eight are from Aragon, collaborate in this initiative as pilot sites. To improve outer envelopes, reduce consumption of drying clothes, use solar energy to heat water or LED lighting are some of the recommendations.

Endesa projects a pumping station in As Pontes’s reservoir


Endesa is planning a new business project for the construction of a pumping station in the vicinity of As Pontes’s reservoir. A facility that would use the wind energy in excess produced during off-peak periods, pumping water into a reservoir to then

‘China”s nuclear giant opts for hybrid CSP and biomass

Nuclear Power Corporation of Canton (CGNPC, for its acronym in English), the largest of China's nuclear power, this month began the construction of a solar and biomass energy generation integrated plant in Singapore. This project which represents an investment of $ 33 million, will be supplied

The American Chamber of Commerce in Spain ”reminds the government” of its obligations towards energy


AmCham Spain, The American Chamber of Commerce in Spain, that published in November 2010, 25 proposals for a more competitive economy, is launching a new document that is intended to make a series of constructive proposals for Spain to emerge strengthened from the current crisis and recover an early and strong growth path.

UNESA President, requested a further rise in the electricity price, while ANPIER described it as a mockery

UNESA President, requested a further rise in the electricity price, while ANPIER described it as a mockery.

The European renewable energy sector hopes for the pull of Hollande


François Hollande yesterday began his political career as first leader of France. All Europe is now focusing on him and his next cabinet, which will undertake measures to relaunch the economy and various productive sectors burdened in the previous government. One of them is the renewable energy sector, which has lived in the shadow of the 58 nuclear reactors currently operating in our northern neighbor.