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Nordex premieres in the 4 MW with a range to be presented at the Husum Wind fair

Nordex premieres in the 4 MW with a range to be presented at the Husum Wind fair

Nordex Group will present the last development phase of its successful Delta platform – the Delta 4000 series – at the Husum Wind fair to take place from September 12 through 15 in this German town. And it will do so with a high-powered wind turbine, the N149 / 4.0-4.5, the quietest and with highest performance within the low wind range.

This machine is specially designed for low wind zones, offers a rotor swept area 30 percent higher ​​and a production of variable energy of between 4.0 and 4.5 MW, which currently makes it the highest performing terrestrial turbine for low winds in this range, the company says.

Another feature that makes it special is its ability to adapt to a wide range of local requirements with a single hardware version. Thus, it fits perfectly to the specific needs of the network manager, local wind regimes and noise restrictions. It also allows optimizing the overall performance of a wind farm through the different maximum yields of each wind turbine, thus taking full advantage of the potential of each turbine location within each wind farm at any time.

Maximum energy yield

This is a great advantage for large-scale projects that often involve different wind regimes and complex topography. Thus, with N149 / 4.0-4.5, achieving the maximum energy yield is guaranteed: up to 28% more compared to turbine N131 / 3600, says Nordex in a statement. “With it we can further reduce the cost of energy,” says José Luis Blanco, CEO of Nordex SE.

It has a rotor diameter 18 meters larger than the model N131. In addition, it maintains the same one-piece rotor structure, optimizing its design for transportation and production. For example, the main beams of the blade are made of carbon fiber, a material first introduced in 2010 on the N117 / 2400, and since 2014 is also used in the N131 model.

The design of the rotor blade structure is in part the result of the knowledge and experience of SSP, a Danish manufacturer specializing in longer blades that was acquired by the Nordex Group last spring.

The maximum noise level of the N149 / 4.0-4.5 ranges from 103.6 dBA to 106.1 dBA, currently making it the quietest turbine in the 4.0-4.5 MW range for low wind. In addition, in locations with lower noise requirements, the turbine can operate under several noise optimization modes. It is possible to control these modalities according to wind direction, time of day, outside temperature or local holidays, to keep the sound load at the lowest possible level and to comply with legal requirements.

Initially, the towers available have a hub height of 105 to 164 meters. For cold climates, Nordex Group also has a special blade version that includes an anti-icing system.

HUSUM Wind Fair

HUSUM Wind is one of the oldest fairs in the wind industry. It is held every two years and in this edition it will bring together more than 650 exhibitors where onshore and offshore manufacturers will showcase their most important products and innovations.

In addition to the exhibition, which is accompanied with a high number of events, the HUSUM Wind Congress will be held in parallel, offering the wind industry the opportunity to meet and discuss current issues of interest. 100 forums, workshops, round tables and seminars are planned over the four days of the fair.

The HUSUM Wind Congress also includes many events on topics such as big data and digitization, security, wind farm planning, public participation possibilities, community wind farms, collective funding or repowering.