German Solar Energy Industry Association expects an increase in thermal installations


The German Solar Energy Industry Association, BSW-Solar, believes that the number of solar thermal facilities will grow should predictions of a potential increase in oil prices be confirmed.

Solar thermal energy at El Palace Hotel Barcelona


The reform of the boiler room and the installation of a new solar thermal energy system in the old five-star Ritz Hotel of great prestige in Catalonia has achieved reductions of almost 50% in energy expenditure, 63% of NOx emissions and 23% of CO2 emissions, compared to the old plant.


Germany to increase by 20% subsidies for installing solar thermal energy for heating


The German government continues with its goal of developing renewables in the country. To do this, it has announced that from this month of January it will increase by 20% the subsidy for the installation of new solar thermal equipment in order to modernize heating systems. Thanks to this incentive it is expected that outdated facilities will be gradually replaced.

Solar thermal panels of 15 hospitals of Castilla y Leon have saved 1.5 million euro


Castilla y Leon has 23 public hospitals of which 15 have installed solar thermal panels that have saved the regional coffers some 1.5 million euro in ten years. This initiative is part of the Hospisol program and these panels, placed on almost 4,000 square meters of hospitals rooftops provide hot water.


Argentina is developing a plan to install solar thermal energy in homes as part of its commitment to renewables


The central region of Argentina, the Province of San Luis, will implement a plan for households to install solar thermal, a technology that harnesses the sun's energy for hot water or heating. They will begin in the city of La Carolina, to make this mountain town the Province’s third in installed solar thermal capacity after La Calera and Batavia.

The thermodynamic solar panels for heating and hot sanitary water achieve savings exceeding 70 %


With the Enerfizentia thermodynamic solar panels, water can be heated or cooled through the principles of thermodynamics with energy savings well above average. Their installation for replacement of traditional fossil fuels (propane / natural gas / diesel) in applications such as hot sanitary water, pools and heating and /or air conditioning can achieve savings of over 70 %.