An algorithm capable of predicting Spanish energy demand a year in advance


Researchers at Rey Juan Carlos University have developed an algorithm that can accurately estimate the demand for Spanish energy a year in advance. This technique can be useful for policy authorities and experts in the energy sector, that have to annually forecast energy supply, an estimate that is one of the main problems at the national level.

Speed bump with capacity to generate clean electricity


The Technological Institute of Tuxtepec (Ittux) that is part of National Technological of Mexico (Tecnm) - has developed a prototype of a speed bump on streets or highways capable of generating clean electricity.


The microalgae project CO2Algaefix, first world installation featuring this technology for CO2 capture


The CO2Algaefix project, for the recovery of carbon dioxide through microalgae cropping, co-funded by the Directorate General Environment of the European Union through the Life + program, was created to demonstrate the feasibility of a capture and CO2 bio fixing process with microalgae in an industrial power generation plant.

A town in the mountains of the north of Madrid could get 80% of its electricity through photovoltaics


Do you know what the photovoltaics potential is in your town? And how much could the municipality and the residents themselves save if they consumed the electricity generated? That is what Miraflores de la Sierra, a town in Madrid has made. It has developed a Study on the Photovoltaic Potential in collaboration with CIEMAT and the Polytechnic University of Madrid.


Could the companies save on their electricity bill? Not without the Energy Saving Certificates


By Laura Ojea. Among the objectives of the EU 2020 is the energy efficiency. Member countries should save 20% of energy consumed through adoption of efficiency measures. And although Spain has transposed part of the European directive governing it, the catalog of specific actions, including Energy Saving Certificates, CAE (for its acronym in Spanish), is still to be defined.

Aurea, anti-crisis, self-sufficient and bioclimatic House


"Áurea® House" is a self-sufficient housing project presented at the Fair Beyond Building Barcelona - CONSTRUMAT 2015, which combines energy efficiency and 100% renewable, with geobiological and bioclimatic criteria that make it a house free of toxic elements or radiation. From the energy stand point it achieves the PassivHauss rating: 100% self-sufficiency and zero energy consumption.