Self-sufficient smart windows developed by Princeton researchers


Princeton University engineers have developed self-sufficient smart windows that, equipped with controllable glazing, can increase lighting, cooling and heating performance by varying their dye. This results in savings of up to 40 percent of a building’s average energy costs.

A predictive technology reduces by half the time to find a parking space


It is estimated that drivers spend an average of 2,500 hours of their lives looking for a parking space and that 30% of city traffic is caused by vehicles looking to park, which contributes to the emission of up to 50 million tons of pollution in Europe. A team of researchers from EasyPark, Europe´s largest […]


Norvento. Intelligent renewable technology made in Spain at Ecobuild 2017


The Spanish company Norvento will present in the framework of Ecobuild 2017 – one of the main events for the design, construction and sustainable architecture worldwide -, its line of smart renewable technology for corporate buildings and headquarters, with which it intends to be at the forefront of sustainable building.

Three goals for the Smart Cities: automated driving, electrification and networking


Schaeffler, a global supplier for the industrial, smart cities and automotive sectors, plans to hire 600 experts worldwide in the next few years to develop tomorrow’s digital mobility solutions. The new jobs planned are part of the digitization strategy that the company started last year. One of the strategy´s central axes is the development of […]


Magnetic sensors to manage pollution and traffic


Sensefields, the new traffic vertical of Spanish group TORROT, has developed a solution based on ground-based magnetic sensors that detect traffic data as well as information on gases, particles and noise that analyze the data in real time to manage pollution and traffic.

SmartStart: private financing at the service of the smart city


According to a study conducted by Siemens, in Spain there is a potential of 4,200 million euro of private financing for the development of the smart city. The research has been carried out by Siemens Financial Services, which has assessed the potential for real financing that could come from the private sector in our country. […]