Renewable capacity in Japan is growing at an average annual rate of 29% since 2012


Renewable capacity in Japan is growing at an average annual rate of 29% since 2012. Japan is developing policies that not only seek the comprehensive conservation of energy and maximize the introduction of renewable energy, but also reduce the public burden while exploring the future potential of hydrogen energy.

The IEA highlights the responsibility of transport over oil demand


Oil demand grows slower but it still grows. The reason is that the rapid expansion of the main renewable energy technologies does not compensate for the widespread use of this fossil fuel in the transport and production of petrochemical products.


Universal access to energy to be possible by 2030


The International Energy Agency believes that growing political will and cost reduction can lead to universal access to energy by 2030. This is number 7 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals approved by the UN in 2015 that claims affordable, modern and non-polluting energy for all.

Slowdown in implementation of new efficiency policies, the IEA warns


The recent acceleration of global energy efficiency is at risk of slowing down if governments do not keep their focus on implementing new efficiency policies, according to a new report by the International Energy Agency.


Iran, an increasingly attractive destination for investors in photovoltaic technology


Spain is not the sole country to shelter the sun and many other countries are creating around this renewable energy source a promising growth market that is highly attractive for investors in photovoltaic technology. One of these places is Iran. Its government is focused on the expansion of this energy source and, in addition, experts […]

Renewable energy auction in Brazil next December


The Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) has convened a renewable energy auction in Brazil to be held in December 2017 and has announced that it will carry out another auction in 2018. In 2015, the country signed an international commitment at COP 21 to increase by 33% the use of renewable sources and hydroelectric […]