Recycling of photovoltaic panels allows recovering 88% of their materials


Recycling of photovoltaic panels allows to recover 88% of their materials thanks to the technologies developed to date, according to a study by the environment platform Recyclia and the company Recyberica Ambiental, devoted to the collection and management of electronic waste. The study was released on the occasion of the World Recycling Day celebration, which […]

ECOLEC managed more than 87,800 tons of electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) in 2016


The Ecolec Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment, has managed a total of 87,862 tons of this type of waste throughout 2016, 7% more than last year.


Live bacteria for more profitable wastewater treatment


NCH Europa has launched a new wastewater treatment system of two parts that is 1000 times more powerful than standard powder or liquid bacterial formulations. The BioAmp system works in conjunction with NCH´s FreeFlow products, in the delivery of twelve species of active and safe bacteria for food in flow systems.

A new system increases up to 70% the heating value of municipal solid waste


The Covertech system ensures that municipal solid waste (MSW) becomes dry matter with a high calorific power, ready to act as solid recovered fuel (CSR) in industries whose energy dependence is very high, such as cement or electric. Specifically, Covertech Biodry improves PCI (lower calorific value) of the residue up to 70% through biodrying.


A waste plant in Copenhagen draws a smoke ring per each 250 kg of CO2 emitted


Art can also exist in the burning of waste. It is the aim of the Amagerforbrænding power plant in Copenhagen (Denmark). Instead of covering industrial processes, the plant transforms the smoke emitted into a giant ring for each 250 kg of CO2 produced. This is meant to make the Danes aware of what the air pollution is.

Over 10 million tons of steel were recycled by the steel industry in 2014


The Spanish steel industry´s export efforts have enabled this sector to recycle 10.6 million tons of scrap in 2014, of which 5 million are imported, making the country one of Europe’s great leaders in steel recycling along with Italy and Germany, and the first in Spain by volume over all other recycled materials.