A Spanish company joint manufacturer of Hyperloop´s first passenger capsule


The Korean Government wants to make high speed travel in reduced-pressure tubes a reality in the country and to this end it relies on Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT). HTT has just announced the start of production along with the Spanish company Carbures of Hyperloop´s first full-scale passenger capsule, the train for high-speed trips in reduced-pressure […]

Dynamic recharging delivers 20 kW to an electric vehicle on the move at a speed of 100 km / h


Renault has partnered with Qualcomm Technologies and Vedecom around a project aimed at dynamic recharging, in other words charging the batteries of an electric vehicle while it is on the move. In the trial carried-out on the test track, two Renault Kangoo Z.E. have been able to recharge their batteries simultaneously travelling in both directions, […]


Catalonia´s new and ambitious map of electric vehicle charging stations


The initiative is part of the Action Plan for the deployment of recharging infrastructures for electric vehicles in Catalonia (PIRVEC for its acronym in Spanish) 2016-2019. It will be endowed with 864,750 euro in the form of a subsidy and 90,000 euro for pilot tests on 3 electric vehicle charging stations (so-called electrolineras in Spanish […]

ITE develops a monitoring system to recharge electric vehicles


The Energy Technology Institute (ITE) is developing an energy management and monitoring system (SGM) that will allow the control of both the storage systems, through a local controller of energy storage units (CL-DES) as the recharging points for the electric vehicle, in an industrial environment.


Emov launches its electric carsharing in Madrid


Emov, the second electric carsharing in Madrid was presented today in the vicinity of the City hall of Madrid. Both Mayor Manuela Carmena and Fernando Izquierdo, CEO of Emov, agreed that such initiatives result in an environmental benefit for citizens.

The European Union will require the installation of prewiring for recharging in the residential sector


On 30 November, the European Commission published a draft on energy policy measures, which includes a section on electric mobility. The draft provides for the obligation to install prewiring for recharging in new residential buildings and recharging points in commercial buildings.