41% of polluting emissions in Madrid generated by transportation, according to Siemens


A study by Siemens reveals that transportation generates 41% of the polluting emissions in Madrid. Of this 41%, private cars account for 80% of pollution (ie 6 metric tons of CO2eq), far above levels of emissions caused by transportation in other cities.

ArcelorMittal has invested 12 million euro to minimize its environmental impact in 2016


In 2016, ArcelorMittal invested 3.4 million euro in the search for innovative technologies to redefine steel processing and contribute positively to the fight against climate change Last year, its commitment amounted to a 12 million euro investment to minimize its activities environmental impact.


Transporting the captured CO2 to reduce emissions


The European Union has opened a public consultation on projects designed to transport the CO2 captured during the generation of electricity or industrial processes to places prepared for storage rather than being released into the atmosphere or reused at a later stage. The consultation will last for 12 weeks and will close on August 7.

The second hand market saved 700,000 tons of CO2 in Spain in 2016


In Spain, the second hand market reduced the CO2 environmental impact by 700,000 tons in 2016, the equivalent to the CO2 generated in the production of 2.8 million sofas, according to the second edition of the Second Hand Effect study by the vibbo advertising platform in collaboration with the Institute of Environmental Research of Sweden […]


The EP urges the Commission and governments to tighten vehicle emissions controls


It claims that European and national authorities have known for more than a decade that emissions of diesel vehicles are much higher in real driving conditions than in laboratory tests. Now they must improve the measurement and control systems for the new models, notes the Parliament in the recommendations that it adopted on Tuesday.

Trump blows-up Obama’s environmental policy and gives a boost to fossils


Donald Trump has signed an “Executive Order on Promoting Energy Independence” on Tuesday, which, among other measures, revokes four Presidential actions of the Obama administration on environmental policy and terminates Obama’s Climate Action Plan, orders a review of his predecessor´s “Clean Energy Plan ” and the examination of some government agencies actions that could potentially […]