“Self-consumption does not go counter traders interests”


EnergyNews has interviewed Emilio Rousaud, CEO Factorenergia and president of the Association of Independent Energy Traders, ACIE, and a privileged witness to the whole liberalization process of the electricity sector.

“DF´s activities internationalization account for 90% of total turnover”


Duro Felguera (DF) is one of the Spanish companies in the energy, industry and Oil & Gas sector that has had to extend its sights beyond our borders led by economic crisis. While in 2008, 50% of its sales were located in Spain in 2015 this represented only around 10%. EnergyNews talks with Luis Deza, Ccorporate Director Business Strategy and Development.


Mauritania. Good business opportunities in renewables


Mauritania, a vast country with a large deficit of energy production, has prepared a plan for the development of its energy mix by installing hybrid plants running on gas, photovoltaic and wind. The Minister of Oil and Mines Mohamed Salem Bechir offered an exclusive interview to EnergyNews last Wednesday.

Axpo’s “Smart Connection” for SMEs


Last week we reported on the acquisition by Axpo of 25% stake in the Portuguese Goldenergy, a most important step towards the company’s strengthening in Portugal. Axpo now unveils a change in its business strategy also in Spain, by accessing customers with lower consumption such as SMEs and domestic consumers. Ignacio Soneira, CEO of Axpo Iberia, SL, offers us an interview to explain the details.


Kaiserwetter. Good management of photovoltaic assets


The September 29, 2008 was the deadline for the new facilities would fall under Royal Decree 661/2007 that prevailed jugosamente photovoltaic installations. Days before completion still trackers were connected with a panel at least for the counter spin. Modules of any type were bought because there was a shortage and the "bargain" was finished.

“Spain is still an absolutely strategic country for Yingli Solar as far as Africa, Latin America and Europe are concerned̶...


Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited (Yingli Solar) is a world leader in solar energy and one of the largest vertically integrated photovoltaic manufacturers in the world. Its base in Spain is a state of the art laboratory where R & D and sales activities are developed and exported to Europe. EnergyNews talks to Fernando Calisalvo, General Director of Yingli Green Energy Spain.