Oil companies and car manufacturers boost hydrogen technology to reduce emissions


The leaders of some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies along with car manufacturers agreed on Tuesday to push for broader global use and greater investment in the use of hydrogen to help reduce emissions and halt global warming.

Alstom´s fuel cell train to circulate in Germany in 2018


The new hydrogen fuel cell train Coradia iLint will begin circulating in 2018 in Germany and will be the first completely emission free solution for non-electrified railway lines.


Brey: “Spain should know that hydrogen is an opportunity”


The 21st edition of the World Hydrogen Energy Congress WHEC 2016 held over four days in Zaragoza ended yesterday. At the end, its president, Javier Brey, took stock and recalled "Spain should know that hydrogen is one opportunity that can produce a sustainable and local fuel, and that this fuel can move its transport, industry and households."

This year, a house will be self-sufficient 24 hours a day thanks to solar energy and hydrogen


Next 29th January in Chiang Mai, a city of Thailand, the doors of the Phi Suea House will open,. It is the first house in the world to be powered through solar energy 24 hours a day, thanks to the hydrogen storage system installed inside the home. It is a house that will supply power not only to one family but to four in addition to several other support buildings.


Hydrogen could be the business of the future: the most versatile, the most abundant and it can be stored


There is a fuel that is still unknown to the majority of society: hydrogen. Did you know that space travel would be impossible without hydrogen? Or that it is the most versatile and abundant chemical element existing? It could be the business of the future, because it can be stored, used as vehicle fuel or gas booster for home use.

Photovoltaic, hydrogen, wind airplane… Air travel closer to being renewable


It's been a couple of years when we reported that an engineer from the European Space Agency, Johan Steelant was preparing a prototype of an airplane powered by hydrogen, and just a few weeks ago a round-the world trip in a solar plane began. Now a new special hydrogen planed is being announced: with three floors and zero emissions it would transport 755 passengers.