Most important Russian substation in the country’s central area to be built by Iberdrola Ingenieria


Iberdrola Ingeniería will be responsible for the construction of the Russian Votkinskay substation following the contract award by RusHydro, the second world's largest hydropower company. The plant will have a capacity of 500 kilovolts (kV) and will support a 1,020 megawatts hydropower plant.

Hydropower storage


Storing electrical energy that has not been consumed is one of the most important issues that has not yet been solved in modern technology. It is true that for decades batteries that store energy and can be recharged for further use have been available, but we are talking about very small amounts of energy compared to the large amounts of energy consumption.


Environmental concern over Sumapaz hydroelectric project.


The possible creation of eight micro-energy plants in Sumapaz River opens the debate in the same Colombian region where a few years ago the armed conflict between military forces and FARC guerrillas was the major concern of its people. This time a new dilemma that divides its inhabitants has emerged: the plan to build a hydroelectric project along 50 miles of Sumapaz river (Southwest of Bogota)

Endesa projects a pumping station in As Pontes’s reservoir


Endesa is planning a new business project for the construction of a pumping station in the vicinity of As Pontes’s reservoir. A facility that would use the wind energy in excess produced during off-peak periods, pumping water into a reservoir to then