Spanish hydraulic reserve stands at 56.5% of its capacity


The low contribution of hydroelectric in the electric mix has been a trend since January and it appears, according to all available data and at this time of year, that it will continue to be so, with all the bad consequences that this can have on the price of electricity. The data provided by the […]

The Itaipú hydroelectric plant, between Brazil and Paraguay, about to break world record


The Itaipú hydroelectric plant, operated by Brazil and Paraguay, exceeded its annual record reaching 96.6 million megawatt hours on Friday. The director general of Itaipu Binacional in Paraguay, James Spalding, said that the record is the result of efficiency and that on December 21st they could reach 100 million MWh.


Tavascan hydroelectric plant to release a new bilge system


Last March, Ingeteam began to develop a project for Endesa consisting of the modernization of the bilge pumping and water extraction system at the Tavascan hydroelectric power plant in Lleida. This 100MW plant is one of the largest hydroelectric facilities in the Pyrenees. This modernization will not impact the performance of the plant. “Only if […]

EL Hierro hydro-wind plant, REDCOM, Baleares and CECOVEL, awarded for energy efficiency


It is the fourth year that Red Eléctrica de España (REE) aims to reward projects that foster energy efficiency in Spain. The hydro-wind power plant of El Hierro, the company REDCOM, the CPD (data processing center) of Baleares, the Control Center for Electric Vehicle (CECOVEL) and the tool Stock Sostenible were the winners of the seal.


Water reserves are at 56% capacity after a slight increase this week


According to the latest report of REE, one of the most significant aspects in the electricity system balance in 2015 was the decline of renewables by low hydro production, 28.2% less than in 2014 (11% of total sources). This trend could continue if the outlook for our country on the consequences of climate change is confirmed.

Endesa transfers the Chira-Soria hydro power plant project to Red Eléctrica the 300 million euro


A closer step has been taken towards the final project assignment of the Chira-Soria hydro plant project in Gran Canaria from Endesa to Red Eléctrica. Thus, the project that never saw a start for the last four years finally ends. Its budget accounting to 250 million euro will slightly increase because Endesa will take 11.2 million euro for costs incurred in the project to date.