The number of geothermal installations in Galicia is multiplying


The number of geothermal installations in Galicia has multiplied, reaching 1,061 geothermal air conditioning systems with heat pump by the end of 2016, which means a use of this technology of 0.39 units per one thousand inhabitants. This figure is far from the introduction levels in other EU countries, but surpasses the rest of Spanish […]

Volcano heart drilled in search of geothermal energy


BBC News last week published the research project of a team of geologists who are drilling the heart of a volcano in Iceland convinced that in a couple weeks they will reach the five kilometers of depth, where they expect to find “supercritical steam”, which they are confident can produce up to 10 times more […]


1,800,000 Spanish homes could be heated with energy from wastewater


International experts have showcased yesterday some of the most important European projects in geothermal and sewage, tunnels and other urban infrastructure energy utilization at the First International Congress of Madrid Subterra.

Providing air conditioning to greenhouses with geothermal energy


The company Cardial Recursos Alternativos has designed a project to provide air conditioning to up to 3.ooo hectares of greenhouses using geothermal energy from a reservoir of hot water in Nijar, Almeria.


Geothermal facilities increase from 19 to nearly 500 in Madrid between 2008 and 2016


During the Second Spanish-German Day on Geothermal Energy recently held in Madrid, Carlos López Jimeno, Director General of Industry, Energy and Mines of the Madrid Community, highlighted the increase in the number of facilities in the region from 19 to nearly 500 between 2008 and 2016, which translates into about 17,000 kilowatts of installed power.

Arroyo Bodonal, prize for the best geothermal installation in Madrid


It is the first building in Europe that has achieved the LEED PLATINUM certification. Promoted by the Cooperative Arroyo Bodonal SCM the condominium comprises 80 houses and 8 geothermal heat pumps from the company Vaillant installed in cascade for the air conditioning of the building.