MTU Onsite Energy, key to modernizing the Peruvian Callao port


APM Terminals has embarked on the project to modernize the port of Callao, in Peru, the country's largest and the largest on the West Coast of South America. MTU Onsite Energy will provide three generators with 20-cylinder engines of the 4000 series as a source of emergency power.

Using electrical generators to reduce emissions


The GENESI project, funded by the Andalusian Technology Corporation (CTA), proposes the use of electric generators. Their proposals would reduce CO2 emissions by 2,760 kg per group per year.


Venezuela faced to a new power crisis due to a chaotic and inefficient system


At the turn of the century, high oil prices allowed Venezuela to develop hydroelectric and thermal power plants in addition to a power and distribution network that secured supply. However, now blackouts and electricity rationing are common. Why could Venezuela be on the verge of a new power crisis like that experienced between 2009 and 2013?

Finnish Wärtsilä to supply backup power to a power station in Senegal


In Senegal, the energy is in a state of instability. Of outmost importance to economic development, poverty reduction and job creation, the country still experiences deficiencies and frequent outages. Now the company Wärtsilä will supply an overall power of 34 MW in engines as a backup for a heavy fuel oil plant under construction near Dakar.


Power plants proposed by the Finnish Wärtsilä incorporate the capacity to use propane


Wärtsilä, a global leader in power solutions, is expanding its portfolio of plants in the range of Smart Power Generation by introducing the ability to use propane to generate electricity. This option is the result from the many customers that requested multiple fuels can be used and thus increase the versatility of the plant without modifying the engines.

Japanese Yanmar buys 70% of the Spanish generators manufacturer Himoinsa


Himoinsa the manufacturer of generators and the Japanese Yanmar have signed a commercial agreement to join their potential synergies and grow together in the global market of energy systems. The business alliance between the two companies places Yanmar as the main shareholder of Himoinsa with70% of the share capital, although the brand of the company and its business will be maintained.