First PPA in Europe to build a renewable plant with no subsidies in Murcia


Our New Energy (ONE), a young Spanish company, has advised the English investment fund Foresight Group in the structuring and closing of the first PPA in Europe that will allow the construction of the first renewable plant that will not perceive any subsidy. The renewable facility will be located in Murcia, Spain, and will produce […]

Interruptibility service allocated for large consumers


Red Eléctrica de España yesterday completed the controversial interruptibility service allocation process for the period January 1 through May 31. The auction, which was held in Valladolid, achieved a weighted average allocation price of 143,393 euro / MW and year.


700 MW of electric interchange between France and Spain


Red Eléctrica de España (REE) and Réseau de Transport d’Électricité (RTE), the respective operators of Spain and France electrical systems, have assigned the electric interchange capacity for year 2018. 700 MW were allocated in both directions, but while in the Spain-France direction a price of 2.25 euro / MW was established, in the opposite direction […]

CENACE presents 3rd Long-Term Power Auction award


The National Center for Energy Control of Mexico (CENACE) yesterday presented the final data of the 3rd Long-Term Auction. The average price of clean energy was 20.57 dollars and an investment of 2.369 million dollars is estimated for 15 new power plants.


First emission of green hybrid bonds in Spain


Iberdrola opens the Spanish green hybrid bonds market with an issuance of 1,000 million euro. The initial coupon will be 1,875% and it is an operation with no expiration that the company may amortize, at its option, after five and a half years. The funds obtained, whose responsible use has been validated by the independent […]

Drought impacts utilities results


The drought that is hitting Spain, whose water reserve is at 37.3 percent of its capacity, is conditioning utilities results for the nine first months of 2017. Such is the case of Iberdrola or Gas Natural Fenosa whose hydraulic production has decreased by 57.6% and 72.4% respectively compared to the same period of 2016. On […]