Ten countries pledge to live without coal in 2030


Already ten countries have committed to live without coal in 2030: three of the G7 economies – United Kingdom, Canada and France – and six other EU countries. The Netherlands has joined the list this month. Indonesia, the third-largest builder of new thermal power plants, has also announced that it will not start any other […]

Spain would save 754 million euro per year if it discontinued coal subsidies


According to the report “Cutting Europe’s lifelines to coal: tracking subsidies in 10 countries” by the think tank ODI (Overseas Development Institute), Spain spends € 754 million per year since 2005 to subsidize coal. The data has been informed by IIDMA who provided support in the preparation of the Spanish chapter.


The Government insists that coal serves as a backup for renewables and is good for prices


During the meeting that the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda held on Monday with unions to discuss about the coal sector, the role of this raw material in the Spanish energy system and its role as a backup for renewables was addressed. The clean energy sector insists that there are renewables that are manageable […]

China suspends 104 coal plants


The Chinese National Energy Administration suspends 104 coal plants planned and under construction with a total capacity of 120GW. In total, China wants to reduce 800 million tons of coal capacity annually, to comply with its Plan to develop the energy sector in China by 2020.


The long shot for coal in Japan


Japan has become more and more dependent on liquefied natural gas and imported coal after initial intention of trying to minimize the presence of nuclear power in its electricity mix following the catastrophic accident at the Fukushima plant. However, although coal and gas prices fell in 2015 the cost of electricity in the country has increased. It seems that renewable development has not been enough in the country that again looks towards nuclear.

Agreement with the Commission to authorize Coal Mines Closure Plan and an additional incentive


It means the authorization of the "Action Framework for mining in the period 2013-2018" as well as an additional incentive for coal based on the difference between the international price and price in 2013, when the Closure Plan was adopted. Thus, companies will be offset by the fall in international prices.