Duro Felguera delivers new Carrington combined cycle


Duro Felguera has carried out delivery to the customer of the Carrington combined cycle power plant in the UK. The Carrington power plant is a combined cycle of 880 MW of total power located in Trafford, Greater Manchester (UK) and consists of two units of 440MW each, running on natural gas. The plant has the capacity […]

Four Spanish companies bid for energy projects in Kuwait


Duro Felguera, OHL, TSK or Initec. The development of electricity generation from gas and renewable planned in the coming years as well as the intense activity in the sectors of Oil & Gas and Petrochemical have turned the Middle East into a strategic region for companies like DF, explain company sources to EnergyNews.


DF to build a new 100 MW gas power plant in Argentina for 20.3 million euro


Spanish DF has signed a contract with the multinational General Electric for the implementation of a gas-fired power generation plant in Argentina, in the province of Neuquén. This project, whose amount for the Spanish company is 20.3 million euro, adds to two others that DF is currently undertaking in the South American country within the energy sector.

Siemens and its partner Posco builds South Korea’s combined cycle with the least emissions in 24 months


In a record time of just 24 months, a combined cycle plant has emerged in South Korea which has also become the power plant with the least emissions in the country. Germany's Siemens and its South Korean partner Posco Engineering & Construction have been responsible for building this 834 MW plant that will operate with a 75% of fuel.


Closing or hibernating combined cycle power plants? That is the question when there is overcapacity in the electrical system


A few days ago Iberdrola claimed it would be better to place their combined cycle gas power plants into hibernate because the electric system is in its moment of "greater capacity" but this will be "temporary". For the company the balance between supply and demand will happen in a period of between 4 and 8 years so the hibernating option is more advantageous than closing the plants.

Mexico and Dominican Republic opt for millionaire gas and combined cycle projects


The gas and combined cycle industry have future in countries like Mexico and Dominican Republic. While in Mexico, a natural gas thermal plant is under construction and a gas pipeline is about to be completed in the Morelos region to improve the country’s energy infrastructure, Dominican Republic is investing 250 million dollars in a combined cycle plant.