How to reduce NOx emissions in chips boilers


Boilers for the combustion of chips with flue gas recirculation have the advantage of being more efficient in reducing NOx emissions, avoiding overheating shutdowns or delivering 100% of the nominal power even with very dry chips.

Forests and energy: 40% of the world’s current renewable energy supply comes from wood


Last Monday was the International Day of Forests, organized this year around the subject “Forests and energy”. Globally, wood provides a greater amount of energy than solar, hydroelectric or wind power generation and the energy content of forests accounts for about 10 times the annual world primary energy consumption. Despite of Spain being the third European […]


AVEBIOM to sell CO2 emissions for 3.23 million euro in four years


AVEBIOM will sell 333,425 reduced tons of CO2 for 3.23 million euro to the Ministry of Agriculture (Mapama) in the next four years. This amount corresponds to 121 installations that have involved an investment of 36 million euro by 20 associated companies and the creation of 350 jobs.

Biomass accounted for 37% of the renewable energy generated in Andalusia in 2015


Andalusia´s great potential has been highlighted by the Andalusian Cluster of Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency during the First Conference on the Development of Biomass held in this community, where 27,000 installations for thermal use are operating making a total of 1,723 megawatts. This places Andalusia as the national leader in terms of this energy.


Granada: more than 7,600 homes and installations use biomass for heating


Granada citizens are beginning to take advantage of socio-economic synergies and integrate environmentally beneficial solutions by using biomass for heating: a system that, in addition to being more economical, fights against climate change as opposite to what other heating systems using fossil fuels or conventional electrical systems do. In the EU this solution already contribute […]

Biomass accounts for 44% of renewable employment in the EU


Some 500,000 people already work in the field of biomass power generation in the EU-28. This is 44% of the employment in renewables, which places biomass as the renewable energy creating more jobs, as taken up by the Statistical Report 2016 prepared by the European Biomass Association (AEBIOM).