Canary Islands subsidizes 39 renewable self-consumption facilities


Of the 39 projects benefiting from renewable self-consumption, 25 correspond to individuals and 14 to local corporations. Regarding the type of installation, most of the selected projects, a total of 20, are for the implementation of isolated photovoltaic solar installations and the remaining are distributed as follows: 10 low temperature solar thermal projects, three thermal […]

Catalonia boosts photovoltaic self-consumption with batteries


Self-consumption will be one of the pillars of the “National Pact for the Energy Transition” of Catalonia and this is the reason why the Regional Government will implement during this month of September a subsidy program to boost photovoltaic self-consumption with ion- lithium batteries and drive private initiative in the energy area.


FENIE proposes decoupling self-consumption with no grid feed-in from RD 900/2015


FENIE met with the Secretary of State for Energy, Daniel Navia Simón, on Tuesday to talk about self-consumption and among other amendments propose the possibility of decoupling self-consumption with no grid feed-in from Royal Decree 900/2015 of 9 October. This would help boost this self-consumption modality as energy efficiency and, on the other hand, its […]

The UPC commissions an experimental self-consumption facility


The Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) has commissioned an experimental self-consumption facility where it will carry out studies on photovoltaic systems connection / disconnection to grid, inverter control and plant impact analysis, both in distribution networks as in isolated systems.


Paint of the future will generate energy for housing


In the not too distant future, it could be the houses themselves that provide sufficient energy for housing and users consumption. The University of Michigan has already created fully transparent solar windows, which allow lighting while generating power simultaneously, and the University of Sheffield has managed to make a spray capable of transforming any type […]

Spanish Norvento continues its international progress in industrial self-consumption


Norvento, a Spanish renewable technologies company with comprehensive capacity, has installed two new wind turbines nED 100 in Scotland (United Kingdom) for industrial self-consumption. The Spanish company has a stable base in the UK since 2014, where it has expanded its industrial self-consumption business and has already installed 25 turbines.