Air-conditioning with aerothermal energy, key to the objectives of nearly-zero energy buildings


To meet the targets set out in the new European directive on nearly-zero energy buildings which must be transposed by Spain, the crucial factors in almost all the sectors will be both the efficiency as the use of renewable energies. Air-conditioning with aerothermal energy is a strong candidate to replace other conventional systems used today.

EP approves simplification of energy label for household appliances


The energy label for appliances approved yesterday in the plenary session of the European Parliament will progressively replace the current one from the end of 2019. The difference is that while the current system qualifies the products from A +++ to G the revised label will rate them on a scale from A to G.


The energy expenditure of Spanish hotels exceeds 1,230 million euro per year


The energy expenditure of Spanish hotels exceeds 1,230 million euro per year, according to data from the Hotel Technology Institute (ITH), which states that the sector´s annual consumption is estimated at about 10,000 GWh.

ACOGEN: “Cogeneration is a factor of energy efficiency on the large scale”


The president of ACOGEN, Antonio Pérez Palacio, spoke yesterday at the conference “Energy efficiency as a priority: new measures of the EU and state of Spanish regulations”, organized by the Spanish Energy Club, in which he said that ” Cogeneration is a factor of energy efficiency on the large scale “and that precisely the first […]


Bringing the time forward one hour does not save energy if not accompanied by efficiency

Bringing the time forward is part of a European directive that impacts all the Member States of the Union by virtue of which in the early hours of Sunday, March 26 we must bring the clocks forward one hour to better use the sunlight in the afternoons. In other words, at two in the morning […]

Veolia presented a mixed network of biomass and gas


Veolia presented on 27 and 28 February the energy efficiency project developed in the community of neighbors of the Torrelago housing estate, in Laguna de Duero, Valladolid, which has resulted in a 40% reduction in the energy demand of 31 buildings.