Cities around the world celebrate the third edition of #Climathon on the 27th


Next October 27, the third edition of #Climathon is celebrated in cities around the world. It is a 24 hours day to boost entrepreneurial ideas that seek to protect the environment and combat climate change. Madrid, San Sebastián, Valencia, Murcia, Azuqueca de Henares and two Galician cities have set forth to join this Climate-KIC initiative.

Photovoltaic grew faster than any other source in 2016


The new solar photovoltaic capacity grew by 50% in 2016, with China accounting for almost half of global expansion, according to the latest analysis by the International Energy Agency (IEA). For the first time, solar energy additions rose faster than any other fuel, exceeding net coal growth.

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Veolia inaugurates Spain´s largest District Heating in Móstoles


After five years of project and almost a year running in test mode, Veolia and Móstoles Ecoenergía have inaugurated Spain´s largest district heating facility. The 12 MW biomass plant will provide heating and domestic hot water to 6,500 homes in the town of Móstoles in Madrid.

Solar thermal power plants to replace combined cycles as the backup technology


At the inaugural session of the SolarPACES International Congress in Chile, Luis Crespo stated that “solar thermal power plants will replace combined cycles as the backup technology to guarantee electricity supply.” For the president of Estela and Protermosolar, the combination of renewable fluids with solar thermal allows a mix of 100% renewable generation at a […]

54.9% of September’s electricity production was CO2-free


Red Eléctrica de España (REE) has just released the demand data for September highlighting a decrease by 3% compared to the same period of the previous year and a 54.9% CO2-free electrical production.

Wind power has the potential to meet 30% of demand in Europe by 2030


Wind power has the potential to deliver up to 30% of Europe’s energy by 2030, according to figures released last week by WindEurope in its “Outlook for 2020” and “Scenarios for 2030” reports. To make it a reality, only the right policies are needed, the European wind industry association says.

Spain will have 704 biomass district heating in 2020


Spain will have 704 biomass district heating in 2020, an additional 95% in just three years. The project of the Provincial Council of Girona has allowed the implementation of biomass facilities in 85 offices of 50 municipalities; the district heating of Cuéllar, more than three kilometers long or that of Móstoles which supplies heating and […]

Europe’s largest lithium-ion battery factory to be built in Sweden


ABB and Northvolt have partnered to build Europe´s largest lithium-ion battery factory in Sweden. The factory will supply the automation sector and other industries with battery solutions adaptable to every need. The factory is set to start production in 2020.

Electrical interconnection with France via the Biscay Gulf to be ready in 2025


This new electrical interconnection with France via the Biscay Gulf will be the first submarine interconnection between the two countries. Yesterday, REE announced that the processing of the project has already started. The new link, expected for commissioning in 2025, will increase the exchange capacity from the current 2,800 MW to 5,000 MW.

Cristina Narbona pleads for renewable auctions by technologies


President of the PSOE, Cristina Narbona, yesterday pleaded to change the Government´s current auction model for the award of renewable energy, which is currently celebrated under the principle of technological neutrality, by one for renewable auctions by technologies. Narbona made these declarations during a meeting with journalists specializing in environment, energy and climate change, that […]