Three goals for the Smart Cities: automated driving, electrification and networking


Schaeffler, a global supplier for the industrial, smart cities and automotive sectors, plans to hire 600 experts worldwide in the next few years to develop tomorrow’s digital mobility solutions. The new jobs planned are part of the digitization strategy that the company started last year. One of the strategy´s central axes is the development of […]

A smart card to open doors to “smart cities”


Antonio Coppola, Head of Research and Development at Matica Technologies, explains in this article the conclusions of the market study commissioned by his company to MindMetre Research on the attitude of citizens regarding access to public services with a “smart card”, as a key element in the evolution towards the “smart cities”.


SmartStart: private financing at the service of the smart city


According to a study conducted by Siemens, in Spain there is a potential of 4,200 million euro of private financing for the development of the smart city. The research has been carried out by Siemens Financial Services, which has assessed the potential for real financing that could come from the private sector in our country. […]

The IURBAN.ES project gets the INFO-CLH Entrepreneur of the Year award


Last Friday in Murcia, the president of CLH Group, José Luis López de Silanes, and the President of the Region of Murcia, Pedro Antonio Sanchez, handed the I INFO-CLH Entrepreneur of the Year Award, with the aim of recognizing the best three entrepreneurial projects in the region of Murcia and contribute to its development and consolidation.


Brooklyn is riddled with community microgrids for self-supply of renewable electricity in case of emergency


The landmark district home to the most famous bridge in New York is becoming a spider web of local microgrids backed by the authorities in search for greater energy security when facing such devastating phenomena as was the earthquake Sandy in 2012 that left 750,000 New Yorkers without power.

Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean joins the world of “Smart Grids”


The Bardzour installation is part of the universe of "Smart Grids", the electrical networks that enable intelligent and advanced management of the electric power available.