2020, the year when oil and coal will peak


There will be no growth for oil and coal from 2020, says a new report by the think tank “Carbon Tracker Initiative” and Imperial College of London´s Grantham Institute. Should the electric vehicle and the photovoltaic boom be blamed for this?

The IEA expects global renewable capacity to increase by 42% by 2021


The International Energy Agency raises its forecast for renewable growth for the next five years. At least this is the conclusion from its Medium – Term Renewable Energy Market Report 2016. The report that is produced annually has been presented this week at the Spanish Energy Club (Enerclub) in Madrid.


EC proposes low-cost efficiency measures to fight energy poverty


The European Commission has published a study to review low-cost energy efficiency measures that can help low-income and energy-poor households. The document also examines available EU funds to support the promotion of energy efficiency measures.

Have US corporations put pressure on climate policy after Trump’s election?


A report from the non-profit organization InfluenceMap looks at whether US corporations have been pushing climate policy and regulation after Donald Trump’s election as president and whether these influences have been either positive or negative.


What has 2016 left us in the energy sector in Spain?

We are collecting some of the events occurred during 2016 in the energy sector in Spain. Despite the fact that most of the year has elapsed under a Government in office and many issues remain unresolved, this year also leaves us with important milestones, some of which are unprecedented.

How to reduce polluting emissions in cities by 50%


Polluting emissions can be reduced by 50% in cities by boosting the zero energy consumption building and the electric vehicle according to the IPM Report “Self-consumption is the paradigm of Sustainable Cities” presented by Javier García Breva’s Office and edited by IMEDIA COMMUNICATION.