“ReHabilitando 2016” rewards the use of water as an energy source


Toshiba Heating and Air Conditioning and ASA (Sustainability and Architecture Association) have granted the ReHabilitando 2016 award to an idea that stands out for its research and innovation in the use of water as an energy source, the use of artisanal construction techniques and proposal for participation of local artisans in the manufacture and development of architectural solutions, climatization and energy proposals.

Spain´s first block of flats built with Passivhaus criteria in Pamplona


A Passivhaus is a building that saves energy. This concept, born in Germany almost 30 years ago, consists in combining a high interior comfort with low energy consumption and very affordable price. So far in Spain it was applied to single-family homes, but this is no longer the case, because in Pamplona the first block of flats under these criteria can be now found.


Charles, Prince of Wales builds Australia´s most sustainable housing


Prince Charles has always shown great interest in the conservation of nature, so it is not surprising that the property he owns in Adelaide, the capital and most populous city of South Australia state, is to become the most sustainable and ecological in the country. It is a complex of low energy consumption residential houses.

Sustainable construction becomes one of Andalusia’s management cornerstones


Buildings renovation and sustainable construction is becoming an economic engine in Andalusia. The Housing and Rehabilitation Agency of Andalusia (AVRA) has launched more than one hundred initiatives in public housing, to improve their energy conditions and for families to save in consumption while improving their comfort level.


The Basic Document of Energy Saving in Buildings DB -HE enters into force with more stringent requirements on building


The Rockwool company summarizes the main changes in the new Basic Document of Energy Saving in Buildings DB -HE of the Technical Building Code (CTE) in their guide "What changed from March 12 ?". In the Document, the requirements in new building are increased to reduce energy consumption and demand and new specifications for already built ones are also included.

The company Velux shows that energy renovation is possible with LichtAktiv Haus


The change that occurs in Velux’s experiment to renovate old houses is impressive at first sight. LichtAktiv Haus is a pilot project to demonstrate the feasibility of new solutions in the renovation of old houses combining in the best possible way energy efficient architecture with an optimal quality of life.