Only Morocco and Honduras reach grid parity in large photovoltaic


The new edition of the “PV Grid Parity Monitor” study shows that the decline in investment costs favors the parity of photovoltaic generation for large plants, while the fall in electricity prices works in the opposite direction.

Sonnedix acquires 43 solar plants from Vela Centerbridge Partners in Spain


Sonnedix has announced that it has signed a transaction to acquire Vela Centerbridge Partners portfolio of 136 MWp comprised of 43 solar photovoltaic plants operating in Spain, so that the company will become the second largest agent of the sector in our territory.


Perovskite based solar cells already achieve more than 20% efficiency


When perovskite solar cells began to develop in 2009, an efficiency of only 3.8% was achieved, but in just 7 years this has skyrocketed to more than 20% and is increasingly approaching the level of crystalline silicon.

Artificial neural networks to improve prediction of solar radiation

Scientists from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies succeed in predicting the short-term solar radiation with less error using artificial neural networks.


Fronius participates in the reconversion of an old nuclear plant into a photovoltaic plant


Fronius, a quality leader in the solar energy market worldwide, has carried out a very special project in the Austrian town of Zwentendorf: the installation of a system in a photovoltaic plant on the site of an old nuclear plant.

“La Jeresa” solar park, a model of social and sustainable electric production


The photovoltaic park Huerta solar La Jeresa, located in Lorca (Murcia), was presented yesterday at the biennial meeting CONAMA, National Congress of the Environment, as a model of social and sustainable electricity production. It is a cooperative comprised of 418 small producers, generating 9,000,000 KwH of clean energy and preventing the emission of 3,040,000 Tn […]