Why have we fallen into the trap of GAS?


Ana Ceballo says in this article that the onset of winter is an opportunity to draw back from gas and get involved with a new energy model that relies on renewables and is based on self-consumption, shared management, cooperation, collaboration and solidarity.

Electricity and ports, a common future: “Cold Ironing”


Pedro Gonzalez, UNESA, points in this article the use of electricity in the berthing of ships at ports to prevent pollution caused by having to keep their engines running. Obstacles, high power required and economic investment are not insurmountable.


Why give more power to energy citizenship?


Sara Pizzinato, head of Energy Campaign Greenpeace highlights in this article that the empowerment of energy citizens will open new markets for both renewables and energy efficiency and demand management releasing a potential investment of billions euros.

The close link between water and energy, by Julio Barea of ​​Greenpeace


On 22 March, World Water Day, Greenpeace presented its report on coal and water. Water is essential for life on the planet and plays a crucial role in human development, from sanitation and health, food production, economic development and of course power generation.


“Be it in competitiveness, efficiency and combating climate change, cogeneration can contribute much”


Sustainable development is linked to energy efficiency. And cogeneration systems are one of the best tools to achieve this. Now, with the resolutions of the climate summit, cogeneration could be a key technology. Javier Rodriguez, general manager ACOGEN, reflects on the participation of the sector in the fight against climate change.

The II Spanish Solar Forum marks a milestone in the photovoltaic sector


The II Spanish Solar Forum was held recently. Over three hundred attendants and seventy international experts discussed the future of solar photovoltaic energy. It was not one more conference like others. It has been the recognition of an industrial sector of a technology that will be the leader in electricity generation within a few years. A change of energy model appears to be in the horizon.