The Renewables Foundation says that nuclear power plants must and can be closed down in 2024


The Renewables Foundation appeared on Wednesday before the rapporteurship in charge of relations with the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN), constituted within the Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda Commission of the Congress of Deputies. Its aim is to ratify the feasibility of shutting down the Nuclear power plants at the end of their current operating license […]

The SNE is optimistic about extending nuclear power plants life


The SNE new president since yesterday, José Antonio Gago, proposed a State Pact that recognizes the importance of nuclear power plants in the containment of prices and emissions reduction. Precisely because it contributes to achieving the environmental commitments, he also called for a reduction of the tax regime levied on this type of energy. Madrid. […]


Entergy, the closest nuclear power plant to New York, could pull the plug in 2021


Entergy Nuclear and the state of New York have agreed to retire the two nuclear reactors of the Indian Point Energy Center, 25 miles north of New York City. They will cease their activity in a staggered way, one in April 2020 and the other one, one year later.

The IEA highlights French ambitious plans to reduce nuclear energy


The organization presented in Paris its report “Energy policies of IEA countries: France 2016. Review” in which it emphasizes that during the last ten years the French economy has reduced its carbon intensity and has benefited from greater energy efficiency. France’s ambitious goal of reducing its nuclear power generation by 50% by 2025 will transform […]


The nuclear shutdown in Spain would create 300,000 jobs, according to Greenpeace


Greenpeace report “The inevitable closure of the Spanish nuclear power plants: an economic and social opportunity” also draws attention to the fact that although the Spanish nuclear fleet has already reached 84% of its useful life, the funding available for its dismantling does not even reach 30%.

Nuclear agreement with Iran raises questions


The IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) has asserted that the nuclear agreement between Iran and the international community would not be at its best at the moment. As they mentioned, the main cause of this discomfort should be sought in the lack of trust between the parties involved.