The hydrogen fuel cell will beat the batteries in electric cars


Hydrogen fuel cell will displace battery, diesel will be the first technology to disappear and car sharing will cause sales to fall. This is made evident from the 2017 Global Automotive Executive Survey produced by KPMG and for which about 1,000 executives in the sector and more than 2,400 drivers from 42 countries have been […]

Catalonia´s new and ambitious map of electric vehicle charging stations


The initiative is part of the Action Plan for the deployment of recharging infrastructures for electric vehicles in Catalonia (PIRVEC for its acronym in Spanish) 2016-2019. It will be endowed with 864,750 euro in the form of a subsidy and 90,000 euro for pilot tests on 3 electric vehicle charging stations (so-called electrolineras in Spanish […]


Scandinavia unveils its first line of inductive charging electric buses


The Swedish city of Södertälje has been the latest to run an electric-hybrid bus equipped with Bombardier’s inductive or wireless charging technology, PRIMOVE, behind the German cities of Berlin, Braunschweig and Mannheim, and the Belgian city of Bruges.

Emov launches its electric carsharing in Madrid


Emov, the second electric carsharing in Madrid was presented today in the vicinity of the City hall of Madrid. Both Mayor Manuela Carmena and Fernando Izquierdo, CEO of Emov, agreed that such initiatives result in an environmental benefit for citizens.


First flight of an airplane with the new electric propulsion system by Siemens


It is the first step in the development of regional aircrafts powered by hybrid-electric propulsion systems. Siemens researchers have developed a new type of electric engine, weighing only 50 kilograms, that provides a continuous output of about 260 kilowatts, five times more than comparable transmission systems.

Tesla´s takeover bid on Solar City to complete its range of sustainable mobility


Tesla has launched a takeover bid on the energy company SolarCity to complete its offer with a range of sustainable solutions: storage, supply of solar energy and electric vehicles.