The Energy Union calls for a low-carbon, efficient and fair economy


The second report on the Energy Union state presented yesterday claims that Europe is on track to achieving its 2020 targets in terms of GHG emissions, energy efficiency and renewables. In order to strengthen this process, the Commission also announced a new Energy Union Tour.

New renewables auction in the islands in the first four months of 2017


This renewables auction will allow the different technologies to compete so that the cost for the consumer is lowered. This new initiative joins the one that is already planned for the peninsula to be held within the first quarter of 2017 and will aim at the installation of 3,000 new megawatts before December 31, 2019.


Remuneration for renewables will increase by 600 million euro


The Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda announces an increase of 600 million euro in remuneration for production facilities based on renewable energy sources, cogeneration and waste for the period 2017-2019.

A decree law will force all marketers to finance the social bond


There is complete unanimity among all parliamentary groups on the need to maintain the status quo of the social bond and that it continues to be financed by the electricity marketers, although, while hitherto this obligation applied only to the integrated ones, the new legislation will extend this obligation to all without discrimination.


Too many powers for Álvaro Nadal?


Álvaro Nadal will carry the ministerial portfolio of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda. To the already entrenched problems that the energy sector has in Spain – such as the coal issue and the situation of renewables, the controversial task of reviewing the licenses to nuclear power plants over the next ten years and the necessary […]

Europe calls for national sustainable strategies for heating and cooling


The full European Parliament has just adopted a resolution on the "Strategy of the European Union on Heating and Cooling" in which, in addition to supporting the strategy already published by the Commission it calls on the Member States to take concrete measures with particular attention to cogeneration and urban systems (district heating / cooling) preferably renewables, according to the energy efficiency Directive.