Efficient LED lighting in a sports center of Valladolid


The Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Junta de Castilla y Leon has installed efficient LED lighting technology in sports facilities for the first time. The action has been developed through the Regional Authority for Energy (EREN), an organization that develops, unifies and integrates policies concerning various energy areas at the regional level. The aim of this action is to widespread the use of LED lighting technology in unique buildings.

The Italian city of Brescia to save 40% in its consumption by replacing its streetlights by LED


One of the most important cities in northern Italy, Brescia, has decided to carry out a major energy-saving project: they will replace all of the city street lighting with latest generation Italo LED devices. Thus, the City estimates a 40% reduction in annual energy consumption, about 8 million euro in 10 years.


Milan to save 10 million euro by renovating its entire streetlights with 100,000 LED


The Italian city of Milan has become an efficient, safe and environmentally sustainable place, because on the occasion of the Expo 2015, the Universal Exhibition which opened last first of May, the second largest city in Italy reinvents and presents itself under a new, more efficient, safe and environmentally sustainable light, thanks to 100,000 luminaries of the ITALO series.

Lighting with LED PC- Ambar technology protects the natural environment cycle


Keeping lights on at night is causing havoc on the balance of nature. Dozens of species of birds and insects are in danger because of this type of pollution. The company Ignialight has designed a new lighting technology that besides being low energy is fully respectful with the fauna and insects. It is the LED PC-Ambar.


The prestigious highways of Qatar will shine their tunnels and streets with smart lighting


Doha Expressway is the commitment to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability of Qatar, a project to create a modern road network throughout the country so that everything is connected through the city of Doha. To achieve this, the required solutions for public lighting and outdoor tunnel will be provided by GE Lighting.

Possibly a new corruption case in the Council of Valencia points to the lighting industry


Speaking of corruption in these times is becoming a habit. A week ago the newspaper El Mundo published that the street lighting substitution in Valencia cost 30 million euro, making it Spain’s largest tender for LED in terms of money. Now, Anfalum, the Spanish Association of Lighting Manufacturers, want to clarify their position on the matter.