Volcano heart drilled in search of geothermal energy


BBC News last week published the research project of a team of geologists who are drilling the heart of a volcano in Iceland convinced that in a couple weeks they will reach the five kilometers of depth, where they expect to find “supercritical steam”, which they are confident can produce up to 10 times more […]

Catalonia is the community with more geothermal exchange systems in buildings


Catalonia with 10,885 kW is the autonomous community with the highest total installed geothermal power. Most of these sites are located in the province of Barcelona, with 7,131.8, according to IDAE’s technical study ‘Evaluation of geothermal energy potential. Technical Study PER 2011-2020″.


Providing air conditioning to greenhouses with geothermal energy


The company Cardial Recursos Alternativos has designed a project to provide air conditioning to up to 3.ooo hectares of greenhouses using geothermal energy from a reservoir of hot water in Nijar, Almeria.

China to raise more than three times its consumption of geothermal energy by 2020


China hopes to raise more than three times geothermal energy consumption by 2020, to 72.1 million tons of coal equivalent. For that year, geothermal energy could constitute about 1.5 percent of total energy consumption in the country.


Arroyo Bodonal, prize for the best geothermal installation in Madrid


It is the first building in Europe that has achieved the LEED PLATINUM certification. Promoted by the Cooperative Arroyo Bodonal SCM the condominium comprises 80 houses and 8 geothermal heat pumps from the company Vaillant installed in cascade for the air conditioning of the building.

Myths and misconceptions about the installation and use of geothermal energy busted by Vaillant


Do you know that the payback period of a geothermal installation is very short? Do you know that it is one of the most self-sufficient, profitable and efficient solutions? Do you know that its installation is not too complex? Vaillant, a leader in the field of air conditioning, claims that the lack of dissemination of geothermal technology causes myths and misconceptions among users and professionals.