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Spain’s first ferry with natural gas engine


The first Spanish ferry with natural gas engine is a pioneering initiative in Spain included in the European project CLEANPORTE that aims to reduce emissions and improve air quality in both the urban and port environments of Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca. GAS NATURAL FENOSA and Baleària inaugurated yesterday in the Port of Barcelona the […]

Primagas begins its transformation and challenges the energy sector in Spain


Primagas has presented its new image, the most visible change in the transformation process that the SHV Energy group is undertaking worldwide, with the aim of improving the quality of life of individuals and businesses, through more efficient and clean energy. Primagas Energía calls for changing the rules of the Spanish energy sector, which it […]


Dresser-Rand launches its first small-scale LNG production solution


It allows monetization of underused gas deposits. The system produced approximately half a million liters of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) during the first 20 days at the Ten Man plant in the United States. In addition, it can be deployed in difficult terrain or in isolated regions, without the need to install expensive infrastructures.

Duro Felguera wins a new contract in Bahrain for $ 12.5 million


IHI, a company under Duro Felguera´s Oil & Gas business line, has been awarded a new contract for nearly 12.5 million dollars to run a project in Bahrain where it was not present until now.


Spanish industrialists have paid as much as 25% more than Europeans for gas


Spanish industrialists, represented by GasINDUSTRIAL, denounced yesterday during their first Annual General Meeting that the costs of gas in our country continue to pose a clear disadvantage compared to their European competitors and that this impacts their activity, exports and employment. They call for toll costs to meet the Europeans, taxes to be reviewed and […]

RASSOR: a robot capable of producing fuel


NASA has designed RASSOR, a robot trained for the extraction of minerals on the surface of other planets. This is a robot capable of producing fuel from soil components. This robot would solve the problem of fuel shortages in the exploration of other planets.