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Efficiency and saving in thermal power plants cooling


The latest generation of variable speed–drive models for fans are able to maximize tower cooling performance and reduce maintenance costs in large power plants.

Dresser-Rand launches its first small-scale LNG production solution


It allows monetization of underused gas deposits. The system produced approximately half a million liters of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) during the first 20 days at the Ten Man plant in the United States. In addition, it can be deployed in difficult terrain or in isolated regions, without the need to install expensive infrastructures.


ADIPEC 2016. Oil to have lower energy weight


The new edition of ADIPEC 2016 is being held from 7 through 10 November. The event takes place in Abu Dhabi and brings together the main players in the oil and gas market worldwide. This year brings a variety of new conferences and important news from OPEC.

Spanish industrialists have paid as much as 25% more than Europeans for gas


Spanish industrialists, represented by GasINDUSTRIAL, denounced yesterday during their first Annual General Meeting that the costs of gas in our country continue to pose a clear disadvantage compared to their European competitors and that this impacts their activity, exports and employment. They call for toll costs to meet the Europeans, taxes to be reviewed and […]


Renewables, an employment niche for the Oil & Gas professionals


With the decline in crude price experienced for some years, the oil industry has seen significant decrease in the yield obtained from extraction, treatment and distribution processes thereof as well as in the revenues from its sale. This drop has significantly impacted all the Oil & Gas companies.

Frackibacter, the bacterium that lives in fracking wells


Researchers at Ohio State University have identified a new genus of bacteria previously unseen living within fracking wells in the United States. The Frackibacter was found inside two different fracture wells located at a considerable distance of hundreds of miles and drilled by different companies in different types of shale formations.