Renewables and energy efficiency to be leading players of GENERA 2017


Energy Efficiency, energy services, renewable energies evolution prospects and technological developments are some of the topics to be addressed in GENERA 2017, the International Energy and Environment Fair to take place in IFEMA´s pavilions in Madrid throughout 28 February to March 3, 2017.

Germany announces World Energy Transition Award for startups


Several internationally renowned climate activists and more than 70 partners from more than 20 countries have supported this initiative by the German Energy Agency. “Start Up Energy Transition” aims to bring together companies and organizations pioneering and driving the global energy transition and establish an international network of sustainability-conscious companies.


Expobiomasa 2017 opens deadline for participation


Expobiomasa 2017, to be held from 26 through 29 September 2017 in Valladolid, opens the official registration deadline for interested exhibitors to reserve space. At the moment, according to the organization, more than 50% of available space is reserved since the end of the previous edition in 2015.

Spain celebrates 30 years in the EU, how has our country´s energy sector evolved?


With the new year´s arrival, Spain celebrates the 30th anniversary of its accession to the European Economic Community (EEC), the current EU. The entry of Spain and Portugal constituted the third enlargement of the European Union. A profound transformation that has allowed us to progress in many aspects but how has this been experienced in the energy sector? More shadows than light.


United States, China and Russia mark the international energy agenda


The Spanish Energy Club, a non-profit private organization that brings together the country's leading energy companies and industry associations was founded 30 years ago. And to celebrate this milestone the club has offered a keynote address by Javier Solana, who recalled that "the first major discussion of democracy was a topic on energy, the nationalization of the grid."

The green power marketer Gesternova supports the ecological character of rural tourism


Owners of rural tourism facilities, business and industry representatives gathered at the second edition of COETUR, the European Congress on Rural Tourism, where the issues that most impact rural tourism were analyzed including the possibility to bet on green energy as a hallmark of a sector that is committed to sustainability.