Resounding victory of wind energy at yesterday’s renewable auction


The results emerged at the close of this edition on the renewable auction held yesterday show a majority victory of wind technology that totals 2,979 MW awarded, leaving photovoltaics virtually empty-handed. The latter has been granted 1 MW while the remaining technologies get 20 MW.

Isolux tries to avoid filing for bankruptcy


After Madrid’s Commercial Court No. 1 admitted the company’s request for a pre-declaration of bankruptcy on April 5, Isolux has four months until August 5 to get the 400 million it needs to avoid to enter an arrangement with creditors.


The next collective purchase of power for SMEs will be held between April and May

The collective purchase of power for SMEs is the most important low-voltage collective purchasing procedure for electricity in Spain. It accounts for more than 130 million kWh annually and it involves more than 1,100 Spanish companies that achieve average savings of 20%. This year it reaches its fifth edition.

EU opens public consultation on energy projects of common interest


The European Union opened yesterday a public consultation on the energy infrastructure projects that have been presented to the Commission as potential projects of common interest (PCI), for which they must be considered as essential for completing the EU internal energy market and to achieve the objectives of the EU’s energy policy.


Colombia to incorporate 2,025 MW of renewable energy in the next 15 years


The National Government has approved the Generation Transmission Reference Expansion Plan for the period 2016-2030 with which Colombia will incorporate 5,362 new electric MW in the next fifteen years of which 2,025 MW, that is around 40%, will be produced using renewable energies.

Smart meters have already replaced 62% of analog meters


The total number of smart meters installed in Spain up to the first half of 2016 amounted to 17.54 million, representing 62% of all existing meters, according to CNMC’s “Report on the effective integration of meters with telemetry and remote management of electric consumers with contracted power of less than 15 kW (measuring equipment type […]