Renewable energy auctions. Consensus in the sector

The key role of appropriate renewable energy auctions to meet the 2020 targets was ratified by industry’s leading business associations, social and environmental organizations and civil society entities in an “unprecedented consensus” during the day on “Renewable Energy Auctions in Spain “organized last Thursday by the Renewables Foundation along with 13 other organizations. The participants […]

Catalonia wants to be 100% renewable in the 2050 horizon


The “Govern” of Catalonia has approved the bases of the “National Pact for Energy Transition”, a document that proposes the achievement of a 100% renewable model desirably by the year 2050. Having reached consensus with the social agents and the energy sector it will be submitted to the Parliament for its presentation and discussion with […]


A lot of small print about the social bond and energy poverty to be explained in 2017


The Social Bond Decree-Law passed on Friday by the Council of Ministers weathers the storm but many of the most important details, those that change the lives of people, will have to be dealt with the rest of political forces and will not be applied until its normative development is completed. It appears that we […]

41.1% of peninsular electricity production from renewables in 2016


According to REE peninsular demand for electricity has continued to recover and has grown by 0.8% in 2016, while 41.1% of electricity production came from renewable technologies. In addition 674 km of new electric circuits and 600 MVA of additional transformation capacity have been commissioned this year.


Fenie Energia starts playing in a league of its own


Fenie Energia was already established six years ago. They have now nearly 2,500 shareholders and it plans to increase capital to meet the hundreds of agent requests. Feníe Energia is already the seventh marketer by number of clients and they believe that the time has come to play in a league of its own.

Ten electrical measures proposed to gain business competitiveness


Grupo ASE proposes ten electrical measures to increase business competitiveness in the study “Electricity prices and business competitiveness”, which includes potential improvements of the current energy model and ideas to enhance the rational use of electricity transmission networks.