New cut in compensation to cogeneration for 287 M €


The BOE yesterday issued the order setting the values ​​of the remuneration for operation of cogeneration plants for the second half of the year. The industry regrets that neither its claims nor the recommendations of the CNMC have been taken into account and criticizes that further cuts are applied to industries retroactively without respecting the legal guarantees.

Thailand committed to distributed generation to ensure a reliable power generation


Distributed generation ensures a reliable power supply. That is what the Thai government defends, and it has created a program for Small Power Producers to promote the construction of distributed power generation facilities, because in addition to ensuring security of supply, its makes Thailand more attractive to foreign investors.


DF will develop a natural gas cogeneration plant in Chile for 106 million euro


The energy sector in Latin America is more active than ever. The Asturian group DF has signed a contract with the Chilean company Empresa Nacional del Petróleo (ENAP) to implement a 77 MW cogeneration plant in Concón (Valparaíso region), for approximately 106 million euro. It will integrate one natural gas turbine.

Adjustment in the cogeneration sector reduces it to 20% and leaves a hundred of plants shut down


"The reform macro-scissors have resulted in cogeneration reducing its revenues by1,100 million per year. This sector highly integrated in the industry, used to generate 12% of the country's electricity and has suffered the closure of one hundred plants, reducing its production by 20%, resulting in the compensation cost having dropped more than expected by Ministry ".


Engineering form EDF Fenice Ibérica builds its first cogeneration plant in Italy and will manage it for 15 years


Energy efficiency, reducing environmental impact and saving are three of the principles applied by EDF Fenice Ibérica in their work. The company is mainly engaged in the development of cogeneration and has now made the leap to Italy with the construction of the 12.5 MW cogeneration plant of Huntsman, a titanium dioxide production plant on Scarlino (Tuscany).

Alstom and Isolux to convert a fuel oil thermoelectric power plant into a coking coal facility in Mexico


Fuel prices greatly influence fossil technologies profitability. This is one of the reasons why a decision has been made at the Altamira Power Plant in Mexico to convert the facilityin order to allow the use of cheaper coke of coal as a fuel in replacement of fuel oil. And those responsible for this conversion are French Alstom and Spanish Isolux Corsán.