IIDMA denounces coal power plants in Spain still fail to fulfill the law


The International Institute for Law and the Environment, IIDMA, denounces that the plan granting large coal power plants in Spain to emit pollutants above the limits set by the European Union does not comply with the law and does not reflect the real situation. In a statement it explains that, according to a European Directive, […]

The long shot for coal in Japan


Japan has become more and more dependent on liquefied natural gas and imported coal after initial intention of trying to minimize the presence of nuclear power in its electricity mix following the catastrophic accident at the Fukushima plant. However, although coal and gas prices fell in 2015 the cost of electricity in the country has increased. It seems that renewable development has not been enough in the country that again looks towards nuclear.


What opportunities do the mining regions have? The Revitalization Plan 2016-2020 proposes a few


Mining regions in Spain have been dragging on a social, labor and economic decline for a few decades. And it is true that there has been some investment effort to transform its business structure but it has been insufficient. Now Castile and Leon Revitalization Plan 2016-2020 will allocate 5 million euros a year to finally achieve take off.

Los Barrios (Cádiz) coal power plant to reduce its nitrogen oxide emissions by 60%


Large utilities are required to invest in environmental improvement in de-nitrification of their coal power plants. To encourage them to do so and thus avoid their plants closure, last year the government offered incentives to companies that improved their plants provided they consumed domestic coal. This is the case of Viesgo´s thermal power plant of […]


Endesa’s coal power plants will not shut down in 2023 due to uncertainty in the industry


By Laura Ojea. European energy policies are heading towards the green energies and efficiency direction, but in Spain the coal industry believes it still has a long way to go. Given the uncertainty in the energy future of our country, Endesa has announced that, for the moment, it will maintain its thermal plants and whether to renew them or to shut them down shall be decided at a later stage.

What do we do with the old, polluting coal plants? US already has the solution


Coal plants in the United States are being shut down, a situation which also continues on the rise. According to a report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, it is "the largest wave of coal plants’ closures in US history" with the closure of 23 GW of coal capacity planned this year, and a total of 50 GW by 2020. Will something similar happen in Spain?