Argentina draft bill calls for shared and remote net balance


We analyze the proposal of several Argentina’s deputies from different political groups who last week presented a Draft Bill to implement a shared and / or remote net balance regime.

One in three Spaniards could produce their electricity from renewables by 2050


More than half of the European Union citizens and a third of the Spanish could generate their own electricity with renewables by 2050, according to a new study by CE Delft for Friends of the Earth, the European Renewable Energies Federation, Greenpeace and REScoop.eu.


An app to design the best solar installation in homes wins Endesa Datathon


An application to design the best solar installation in homes with energy storage has been the winning idea in the global competition Endesa Datathon.

The European CLEAR Project helps launch 80,000 individual renewable energy installations throughout Europe


The goal is for citizens to make informed decisions when undertaking their own renewable energy projects. According to the CLEAR Project, potential buyers of these technologies are held back by the lack of information. They do not understand their benefits and do not trust installers due to the high initial costs.


The “DeSEOsol” campaign encourages citizens to participate in cooperative generation projects


SEO / BirdLife and Ecooo see in cooperative and shared generation projects an opportunity for citizens to take action for the environment. According to preliminary results of a survey conducted on social perception of the energy model, 40.6% of respondents would bet on some sort of device enabling renewable self-consumption.

PSOE and C’s meets with the photovoltaic industry to pledge aid for funding


While the process of investiture between the different parties is still blocked, the pact PSOE-Ciudadanos has led them to submit to UNEF their willingness to repeal the "tax to the Sun" in addition to committing to adopt a stable framework to regulate the net metering and provide financing aid to Spanish companies so that they can grow and expand their business.