The UPM coordinates first European project to store energy in molten silicon exceeding 1000° C


Spanish UPM researchers coordinate the first European project to store energy in molten silicon at temperature in excess of 1000 ºC. The Polytechnic University of Madrid through the Institute of Solar Energy participates in AMADEUS, a Horizon 2020 project.

Supermarkets to produce renewable energy and store


A report of the company Danfoss, specializing in infrastructure, food, energy and climate, draws attention as excess heat from cooling processes using these establishments, can be recovered as energy for heating network district-and it has in Denmark and even facilitate storage obtained from renewable.


SUnFLOWers project for storage in smartgrids and self-consumption


Its aim is to facilitate the use of renewable energy and distributed generation through the development of energy storage technology at a reduced sale and maintenance cost.

New Spanish patent for rechargeable aluminum-air battery


Albufera Energy Storage has obtained the patent at the European level of an electrochemical rechargeable aluminum-air cell. This new battery significantly reduces the cost of current lithium-ion battery and has a much lower weight and volume per kWh stored compared to lead acid.


The oil company Total trusts renewables and acquires Saft, the expert in energy storage


While the operation will allow Saft become Total group ´s spearhead in electricity storage, the acquisition allows the oil company accelerate its development plans in the fields of renewable energy and electricity following its first movement in 2011 with the acquisition of SunPower.

Blood glucose to produce energy for pacemakers


The Institute for Energy Technology (ITE), is researching into the creation of a bio battery using blood glucose for energy production. This development could reduce surgical interventions that pacemaker users undergo.