The new energy label spans from A to G


The European Parliament, the Council and the Commission agreed last Tuesday to review the current energy label. The system that qualified products from A +++ to G will be replaced by one that values ​​them on a scale from A to G.

Bringing the time forward one hour does not save energy if not accompanied by efficiency

Bringing the time forward is part of a European directive that impacts all the Member States of the Union by virtue of which in the early hours of Sunday, March 26 we must bring the clocks forward one hour to better use the sunlight in the afternoons. In other words, at two in the morning […]


Red Eléctrica recognizes “Tread with Energy!” as the best idea on ​​energy efficiency

Red Eléctrica delivered on Friday the awards for the best energy efficiency projects of 2016 in the V Edition of the Red Eléctrica eficiente Awards. These awards boost the initiatives in the different areas of the company aimed at reducing natural resources consumption and CO2 emissions and this year have also had a recognition to […]

Not without energy efficiency: one third of the 2040 emission reduction target depends on it


The World Energy Efficiency Day was last Sunday. It is a vital concept to reduce emissions and advance in four of the major challenges of the 21st century in the field of energy: energy transition, the fight against climate change, air quality improvement and the eradication of energy poverty. It is not surprising that the […]


Aero-thermal air conditioning equipment installed in Spain accounts for a capacity of 53GW


The 31.8 million air conditioning units using aero-thermal technology installed in Spain in the last 20 years represent an installed renewable power of between 53 and 57 GW. This is equivalent to the installed capacity of about 55 nuclear power plants or 53,000 wind turbines of one megawatt, according to a study by Toshiba Heating […]

New incentives for Andalusia´s Sustainable Energy Development


The Andalusia Ministry of Employment, Enterprise and Commerce has published the regulatory bases of the new Order on Incentives for Sustainable Energy Development by 2020 in the Official Gazette of the Andalusian Government (BOJA) on December 30 and will open in the coming days the accession period for the collaborating entities that wish to be […]