EP approves simplification of energy label for household appliances


The energy label for appliances approved yesterday in the plenary session of the European Parliament will progressively replace the current one from the end of 2019. The difference is that while the current system qualifies the products from A +++ to G the revised label will rate them on a scale from A to G.

Corporative purchase of renewable energy is a trend, IRENA says


The International Renewable Energy Agency has launched a survey for companies on corporative purchase of renewable energy or “corporate renewable sourcing” yesterday in Beijing during the Eighth Ministerial Conference on Clean Energy. With the results IRENA will feed the next REmade Index, the first global benchmark index for voluntary renewable energy acquisitions for all end […]


ACOGEN: “Cogeneration is a factor of energy efficiency on the large scale”


The president of ACOGEN, Antonio Pérez Palacio, spoke yesterday at the conference “Energy efficiency as a priority: new measures of the EU and state of Spanish regulations”, organized by the Spanish Energy Club, in which he said that ” Cogeneration is a factor of energy efficiency on the large scale “and that precisely the first […]

The new energy label spans from A to G


The European Parliament, the Council and the Commission agreed last Tuesday to review the current energy label. The system that qualified products from A +++ to G will be replaced by one that values ​​them on a scale from A to G.


Veolia presented a mixed network of biomass and gas


Veolia presented on 27 and 28 February the energy efficiency project developed in the community of neighbors of the Torrelago housing estate, in Laguna de Duero, Valladolid, which has resulted in a 40% reduction in the energy demand of 31 buildings.

Red Eléctrica recognizes “Tread with Energy!” as the best idea on ​​energy efficiency

Red Eléctrica delivered on Friday the awards for the best energy efficiency projects of 2016 in the V Edition of the Red Eléctrica eficiente Awards. These awards boost the initiatives in the different areas of the company aimed at reducing natural resources consumption and CO2 emissions and this year have also had a recognition to […]