The UPC commissions an experimental self-consumption facility


The Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) has commissioned an experimental self-consumption facility where it will carry out studies on photovoltaic systems connection / disconnection to grid, inverter control and plant impact analysis, both in distribution networks as in isolated systems.

Self-consumption in the Canary Islands will be free of compensatory taxes until 2022


Energy savings, self-consumption experiences in the islands and transformation of its energy system are the main themes of the European Week of Sustainable Energy in the Canaries, which has coincided with the announcement made yesterday by the Minister of Energy that self-consumption in the Canary Islands will be free of compensatory taxes to the system […]

Gesternova & Tarifas


EP approves simplification of energy label for household appliances


The energy label for appliances approved yesterday in the plenary session of the European Parliament will progressively replace the current one from the end of 2019. The difference is that while the current system qualifies the products from A +++ to G the revised label will rate them on a scale from A to G.

APPA and UNEF answer to Nadal: renewables produce savings for the system and the consumer


Renewables produce savings: the savings produced by renewables between 2005 and 2015 amounted to 77.25 billion euro, while the compensation received was 44.386 billion. This data was recalled by APPA to answer Alvaro Nadal, who said on Monday that the electricity bill would be a third cheaper if the development of the renewables had been […]

Neoenergia and Elektro merger creates a new electric leader in Brazil and Latin America


Neoenergia´s shareholders -Iberdrola (39%), Caixa de Previdência dos Funcionários do Banco de Brasil (Previ) (49%) and BB Banco de Investimentos (Bank of Brazil) (12%) – have reached an agreement by virtue of which the company will incorporate the activity and business of Elektro, Brazilian subsidiary of Iberdrola2. In this way, the merger of Neoenergia and […]

Acciona to supply Telefónica with green electricity


Acciona will supply Telefónica with green electricity in 2018 under a contract signed yesterday by the presidents of both companies, José Manuel Entrecanales and José María Álvarez Pallete.

Spanish hydraulic reserve stands at 56.5% of its capacity


The low contribution of hydroelectric in the electric mix has been a trend since January and it appears, according to all available data and at this time of year, that it will continue to be so, with all the bad consequences that this can have on the price of electricity. The data provided by the […]

Corporative purchase of renewable energy is a trend, IRENA says


The International Renewable Energy Agency has launched a survey for companies on corporative purchase of renewable energy or “corporate renewable sourcing” yesterday in Beijing during the Eighth Ministerial Conference on Clean Energy. With the results IRENA will feed the next REmade Index, the first global benchmark index for voluntary renewable energy acquisitions for all end […]

The Energy budget amounts to 4.247 million euro


The Minister of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda, Álvaro Nadal, yesterday advocated for his department´s budgets. For 2017 the Ministry has 5,264 million euro, which is practically the same amount of the adjusted budget of 2016 while the Energy budget amounts to 4,247 million euro.

The increase in auctions suggests a greater interest in the PPAs


Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) or bilateral contracts for the purchase-sale of electricity are very new contracts still in Spain, but which generate great interest especially among investors in renewable energies. These contracts have their conditions set out by the parties in the long term with a fixed or variable price, and do not involve any […]