Rebate in the IBI for solar installations in Madrid

The rebate in the IBI (acronym in Spanish standing for Property Tax) for solar installations is a measure that was already included in the Fiscal Ordinances for 2017 that were consecutively approved last October 13th in the Governing Board, last December 29th at the Plenum of the City Council and which two days later on […]

Nordex enters Argentina with two wind farms of 148 MW


Last December, Nordex Group successfully entered Argentina´s dynamic market with the award of two construction contracts for two wind farms with a capacity of 148 megawatts.

Gesternova & Tarifas


New incentives for Andalusia´s Sustainable Energy Development

The Andalusia Ministry of Employment, Enterprise and Commerce has published the regulatory bases of the new Order on Incentives for Sustainable Energy Development by 2020 in the Official Gazette of the Andalusian Government (BOJA) on December 30 and will open in the coming days the accession period for the collaborating entities that wish to be […]

ITE develops a monitoring system to recharge electric vehicles


The Energy Technology Institute (ITE) is developing an energy management and monitoring system (SGM) that will allow the control of both the storage systems, through a local controller of energy storage units (CL-DES) as the recharging points for the electric vehicle, in an industrial environment.

The five countries to gain strong foothold in renewables in 2017, according to Forbes


Nishtha Chugh has published in Forbes that five countries will stand out in the renewable sector in 2017. On their list is China, of course, and Chile, which stands out as the Latin American leader in the development of clean energy. India is out of the ranking on purpose, not because it does not deserve being included […]

What has 2016 left us in the energy sector in Spain?

We are collecting some of the events occurred during 2016 in the energy sector in Spain. Despite the fact that most of the year has elapsed under a Government in office and many issues remain unresolved, this year also leaves us with important milestones, some of which are unprecedented.

New technology to harness the energy from the tides


So far, it seemed to be considered a given that a device for transforming the power of the tides into energy must be balancing over them. A recent research has turned the tables and achieved a technology that allows converting energy from the tides into a mechanism of rotation in an immediate way.

Next renewable energy auction in the first quarter of 2017

The Government has announced today that the next renewable energy auction will be held within the first quarter of 2017. To this purpose, it has sent a proposal for regulations to the CNMC that will conduct a hearing process for its assessment by interested parties.

LIFE_WINDRO is developing the Mediterranean´s largest desalination facility


The LIFE_WINDRO project will carry out a prototype installation for water desalination by reverse osmosis and wind energy with the aim of reducing emissions as well as mitigating climate change and also one of its effects: the lack of water. It will be the largest scale system in a real wind energy desalination facility on […]

Gas Natural to install 25 wind turbines by Enercon and Siemens in the Canary Islands

The company Gas Natural Fenosa Renovables has chosen Enercon and Siemens as responsible for the supply of 25 wind turbines in the Canary Islands. This wind farm, divided between Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura, totals 65 MW, of which 37 megawatts are dependent on Enercon and another 28 MW on Siemens technology. The totality of the […]